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Welcome to Influencing Voices!


Influencing Voices empowers women for personal and professional excellence. We believe that women are encouraged through sharing stories about their lives, providing examples and opportunities for learning to those around them. These powerful stories produce strategies for work-family integration, as well as mentoring models for women who seek career advancement, psycho-social interactions, and familial support.

Influencing Voices began from research on ‘Work-Family Integration’ and ‘Gender, Faith and Identity’. The goal was to capture interviews with women who were willing to share their personal and professional life stories with the goal of providing support and strategic framework to other women who are searching for career achievement, work-family integration, mentoring models, and faith-identity.

Over 600 women from around the world have shared their stories since these projects started. These women are just a few examples of female leaders who are pursuing their dreams through sharing their voice to influence business, government, faith communities, peace, education, and families.